Payment Posting Services

The cash posting process is the first indication of an adjustment to the expected reimbursement and can play a key role in accelerating the follow up of those accounts to specialized denial management and payment review teams. Maximizing automated posting and increasing the level of detailed information added to accounts has reduced payment posting workload by 70% and has improved the ability to route work, automate secondary billing and quickly respond to denial and underpaid claims.


• Inefficiencies and lost revenues due to the lack of ability to match and manage explanation of benefits (EOBs), payments and submitted claims.

• Complexity and variation of EOB terminology, diversity, exceptions and denials and multiple payers.

• Inaccuracy of payment posting resulting in incorrect patient statements and poor patient satisfaction.

• Excessive unallocated payments that are left unresearched with credit balances on the accounts

• Incorrect denial and adjustment posting will result in lost revenue.

LEGACY CONSULTING offers the following services:

• Obtain copies of all patient and insurance checks and EOBs from client

• Obtain notifications of direct deposits

• Download ERAs and/or access ERAs from payer websites

• Management of ERAs to direct deposited Legacy Consulting to ensure payments are posted

• Post payments in billing system (Electronic/Manual)

• Instant access to exceptions for payment recovery and faster processing

• EOB conversions from paper to electronic

• Production of HIPAA approved 835s

• Denial management tools to aid in denial management reporting

• Set up allowable fee schedules by payor to aid in the tracking of the correctness of denial and adjustment posting.

• Conversion of remark codes to ANSI standard responses

• Reporting analytics

• Denial management reports

• Denied claims by category, location, provider, payer, account, patient

• Dashboard reports to easily analyze EOB and payer issues

• Adjustment management reports

• Non-contractual adjustments trend over 6 months

• Posting analysis

• Posting trended cash report

Key Performance IndicatorsBest Practice Standards
HIPAA-compliant electronic payment posting %100%
Posting backlog during the month1.0 days
Posting backlog end of the month0 days

LEGACY CONSULTING offers the following services:

LEGACY CONSULTING offers a thorough understanding of reimbursement contracts, payor guidelines and reasons for claim denials is necessary to predict a successful revenue collection. At LEGACY CONSULTING, we provide denial management tools to allow your practice the ability to evaluate performance using revenue collection metrics, which will result in decreasing denial rates and proactively challenging a payor’s denials.

• Assist with practice management system setup for Electronic Remittance Advice (ERAs) with eligible payors to improve staff productivity by 70%
• Payment posting completed by dedicated team held to 99% accuracy standard
• Regular quality control reviews of payment poster’s work
• Improved denial management through entry of denial transaction codes to facilitate follow-up and denial reporting
• Set up allowable fee schedules for all major payors to track accuracy of denial and adjustment posting
• Use of tracking tools to compare insurance allowed/expected vs. actual payments
• Provide trended denial reports by practice by provider by payor to show decreased denial %
• Reduce unposted cash and posting backlog from approximately 20% to 0% by ensuring that all receipts are posted prior to monthend for accounting purposes
• Reduced costs due to staffing and training by 30%
• Payment discrepancies are researched and resolved daily

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