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14 Mar

Service Spotlight: Miscellaneous Services

Service Spotlight:
Miscellaneous Services

In our Service Spotlight articles, we usually pick one aspect of Legacy Consulting Services and do a thorough review of what that service entails. In this week’s blog post, we are going to take a look at some of the more Miscellaneous “A la Carte Services.”

Practice Checkup

Our consultants look at all the critical areas of the business to evaluate and identify areas for improvement and potential for growth.

Review of claims and billing process

We analyze the procedures for filing the claim and following up on claims that are rejected, as well as front desk collections.

Review of chargemaster fee schedule

We can help determine if your chargemaster is appropriate for the services you provide. We can also review to be sure you are being paid according to the payor fee schedules.

Review of practice compliance

We can aid in developing compliance manuals, including HIPAA privacy and security, billing and reimbursement as well as personnel policy manuals.

Review of accounts receivable

We will analyze the current AR recovery procedures and can assist the practice in AR recovery and management of billing to improve cash flow.

“Best Practice” comparison

We compare your practice to existing benchmarks for “best practices” focusing on key performance indicators. We rank the importance of each in relation to your practice and then present a plan of action necessary to produce the desired results.

Monthly Operational Review

Our consultants provide ongoing monitoring of the practice and provide you with key information on the practice’s daily operations.

Coding Review

Our certified professional coders will perform coding reviews tailored to your specialty from evaluation and management reviews, surgical reviews, to physical therapy reviews. They will review your coding of services to ensure compliance with current standards and to make you are not leaving money on the table.

Legacy Consulting Services provides services such as outsourced billing services

Our staff takes over the billing duties for your practice. From the creation of the claim to the deposit in the bank, we handle the process from start to finish. With Legacy Consulting Services, you’ll have the expertise in management, billing, accounting and tax services that ensures your practice is meeting business goals and directives.

From projects large to small, Legacy can help your practice wherever help is needed. Contact us today.

Donna White

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