About Us

Legacy Consulting Services was founded in 2013 by owner, Donna White. With over 25 years in the Revenue Cycle Industry, Donna wanted to turn her passion for helping clients into a business of her own. Since it’s founding, Legacy has helped clients across the country, across all sorts of specialties. From Rural Critical Access hospitals, small Family Practice groups, to large multi-site Dental and Physical Therapy practices, Legacy has helped dozens of clients improve their reimbursement.

What We Do

Legacy believes in a holistic approach to a practice’s revenue cycle. Our revenue cycle assessments are comprehensive evaluations of people, processes and systems to see where any weakness may lie. After our on-site visit, we will provide a practice with a thorough breakdown of everything we did, everything we reviewed and everyone we spoke with to determine where there is room for improvement. We will make suggestions on how to close these gaps and even be a part of the solution if needed.

Assessments are not the only way Legacy can help a practice, however. By reviewing and analyzing monthly reports and EHR systems remotely, we can also diagnose where areas for improvement are needed and offer a detailed project plan as to how to make those changes.

Legacy can also assist with credentialing, billing integrity audits, payor contract negotiation, EHR and PM System clean up, as well as process improvements and team building. Look through Our Services menu to see all we have to offer.

Legacy believes in customized solutions to fit every client. One client’s needs are never the same as another’s. We will work with your leadership to develop a proposal that will match your needs to our services, so you can get back to the focus point of your practice: the patients.